My first ever 120mm scale figure

For years, I have wanted to attempt a 120mm (1/16) scale figure. I finally saw one on Ebay that took my interest and bought it. It was an old Verlinden German Officer and had been started by someone a looooong time ago. I managed to clean it up, but disaster struck when I accidentally broke the barrel of his pistol. I tried Shapeways but the cost was prohibitive so I ended up back on Ebay. After much fruitless searching, I found a good deal on a mixed resin accessory pack; this had a few axis and allied bits and the pistol I wanted! I also managed to find a nice plaster base too.

Painting at a larger scale definitely took some getting used to. I did stick to using acrylics and tried to expand on the techniques I used for 28mm figures. Working at this scale meant that I was able to use more gradual shades in the highlights than I usually would but also I was able to highlight the camo too, as well as being able to focus on representing it as accurately as possible.

Overall, it was really enjoyable and just the right amount of challenge. I may find myself on Ebay again, looking for my next 120mm fix.