A Tale of 2 Mystery Boxes

I have edited my original post based on the 2nd OP Box I bought.

I’m always dubious about mystery boxes as I can’t help but wonder if it is an excuse to get rid of a load of old stock.  However, when I saw the Outpost WW2 Mystery Box, I thought I’d chance my arm.

Skip forward a week and my package arrives.  My first thought was “well that box is smaller than I thought”.  However, when I opened the box, I was pleasantly surprised.

So what did I get?

Item Average Price (Oct 2018)
Flames of War M3 Stuart Platoon £21
Flames of War Panzer II Platoon £27
Afrika Korps Dice £6.50
Flames of War British Armoured tokens £6.50
Blood Red Skies Lydia Litvyak £10
Blood Red Skies Yak-1 £17
Total £88

Given that I spent £24 in total, getting £88 worth of stuff is good.  I’m not massively impressed with the Blood Red Skies stuff but I’m looking forward to painting up the FoW models.  I have to say that I am quite happy with the outcome but it would have been nice to have received some Bolt Action stuff but you pays your money…

I wish I could be as positive about my 2nd box, but I can’t.  Getting straight to the pint, this box made me feel that my original reservations about buying mystery boxes were right.  This one felt cheap.  I know it’s a gamble, but this one was “meh”at best.

So what did I get?


Item Average Price (Oct 2018)
Farmer’s Guild: Guildball £31.50
Barbarian £5.50
Beyond the Gates of Antares dice game £12.75
No3 sable brush £4.45
2 miniature paints £6
Figure £3.50
Purple Dice £2.00
Total £65.70

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