Rubicon Models 28mm Jeep Review

airborne jeepAs part of the British Airborne force I’m working on, I wanted to add a jeep.  Specifically, a twin Vickers variant.

Enter the Rubicon Models Jeep kit; I’ve been looking for an excuse to get this for quite some time!  First impression from the box art and contents is one of the usual quality feel you come to expect from Rubicon.

Opening the box reveals the instructions, decals and several plastic bags full of components for the kit.

The sheer amount of options is amazing and lets you choose from a “standard” US Army  version, SAS, Airborne and LRDG complete with 2 different crew options.  The detail is crisp and clear with minimal mould lines.

I do have a couple of minor gripes with the kit though.  First is that there are a couple of instructions that aren’t clear enough.  Particularly, the engine bay assembly joining the chassis; maybe it was just me being a bit thick though!  The other issue is with teh lack of clear placement for some of the components such as the spare wheel and jerry can.  I would have really liked some pegs or holes to attach these to so that I knew exactly where they should go.

As I wanted to do a front-facing twin Vickers variant, I would have been stuck doing the SAS version but for me, this had far too much extra armour plating to be a lightweight airborne variant.  This left me having to kitbash a front mounting for the twin Vickers.  Overall, I’m happy with the result.

With reference to the crew, they are a bit on the skinny side in comparison to other miniatures but I think that they work OK with the added Warlord plastic para helmets.  To finish the look of a proper airborne vehicle, I decided to add a lot of stowage.  I normally use the excellent Debris of War stowage but this time, I wanted to try out the Rubicon stowage kit.

I added to the Rubicon stowage with some plastic Warlord weapons in order to give the feel of “everything but the kitchen sink” being thrown into and onto the jeep.

I’m looking forward to painting this up to see just how much character I can get into this jeep.

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